Digital Representation

With the tremendous netizen population exceeding 900 million, the strong consumption power and the prosperity of E-commerce, China’s digital contents industry is booming, treated as a main battleground for digital marketing by national and global brands. The continuing huge demand for diversified digital contents, in contradiction with China’s internet FirewallI, which blocks access to digital contents overseas, is now providing unprecedented opportunities for international digital talents and content creators.


Propolingo is a subsidiary of Lan-Bridge Group, a China’s Top 3 language and localization services company founded in 2000 in China. Lan-Bridge has over 600 employees in 16 offices across China and 4 offices in the globe. Through 20 years’ business connections with nationwide local governments, multi-national companies and cultural entities, Lan-Bridge has built relationships with a variety of social media platforms and local brands.

At Propolingo, we work with our localization experts, digital marketing analysts, account managers and our exclusive contacts on China’s leading social platforms and from local governments, for the successful expansion of our digital talents.