Through Propolingo’s parent company, Lan-Bridge Group, we are able to offer expert book translation services for publishers across 200 language pairs.

Why use us?

A professional book translation service for all your needs

We are one of the leading providers of language services in China. Working closely with language experts, our network of editors and authors – who have extensive experience in the publishing industry – and our professional and efficient project managers, we carry out high quality and accurate book translations. Taking into account the unique nature of book translation, our team is highly skilled in translating the nuances and intricacies of all aspects and styles of literature, to ensure the translation remains true to the original.

Our qualifications

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

The first translation company in China to be awarded the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management Assurance Certificate, which we renewed in 2019

One of the first translation companies in China to be AAA Certified by the Translation Association of China

Translation Team

Translation Team

400+ in house translators

100+ in house editors, project managers, quality controllers, knowledge managers, typesetters



1-1.5 million words per day

600 million words per year

80 languages

200 language pairs

Typesetting, cover design and printing

World Ranking

Quality Assurance

Top 100 Language Service Provider in the World

Ranked number 46 in 2019 CSA (Common Sense Advisory) Ranking

More than just a translation

book translation-More than just a translation

Our translators work closely with editors and language experts, factor in issues of cultural relevance and sensitivity to local audiences and recreate the original meaning and style in every translation project. Our wide network of translators come from all backgrounds, with experience in a variety of professional fields, therefore you can be confident in our ability to provide high-quality and accurate translations across a variety of technical specialities and genres.

We have over 20 years'experience in the translation industry and are able to offer more than just translation services for our book clients. With compelling designs, graphics, typesetting, XML tagging and indexing also available, we can provide all the additional services you may require.

Areas of Expertise


Commercial Fiction | Historical | Literary | Mystery and Thriller | Romance | Sci-fic and fantasy


Art and Architecture | Biography, Autobiography and Memoir | Business and Economics | Food and Drink | Health and Fitness | History | Journals | MBS | Philosophy and Religion | Politics | Science


Fiction | Non-Fiction | Young Adult Fiction | Young Adult Non-Fiction

As well as our work across a wide range of fiction genres, our team has experience in a variety of areas such as economics, finance, medicine, bio-sciences, agriculture, engineering, and computer science, for technical and academic non-fiction.

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