With more than 900 million netizen, the strong consumption power and the prosperity of E-commerce, China’s digital contents industry is the mareket you can’t miss  for any national and global brands. The huge demand for diversified digital contents, in contradiction with China’s internet FirewallI, which blocks access to digital contents overseas, is now posing unprecedented opportunities for international digital talents and content creators.

Through the 20 years’ business connections with  local governments, multi-national companies and cultural entities, we have built relationships with a variety of social media platforms and local brands. At Propolingo, we work with our localization experts, digital marketing analysts, account managers and our exclusive contacts on China’s leading social platforms and from local governments, for the successful expansion of our dimoregital talents.

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We represent  remarkable digital talents and content creators for their expansion to and success in the Chinese market. With tailored localization and marketing strategy, we connect global digital stars with Chinese audience and leading brands, facilitating their achievements in one of the world’s largest market.

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Build your online presence

Tailor your exclusive marketing strategy to succeed in China’s new media industry, choose and establish your accounts on most suitable social media platforms to navigate your entry.

Localize your contents

Translate and fine-tune your existing contents to match local tastes, while maintaining a good balance to keep your unique style. We will also suggest on appealing topics to facilitate your continuing growth in the Chinese market.

Grow your influence

With the refined management and operation of your IP by our experienced accounts managers, together with our connections with leading platforms, we help you grow your influence and reputation among the audience.

Connect you with leading brands

We connect you with befitting brands and commercial activities based on our 3,000+ client base, negotiate on your behalf and assure the qualified delivery.

Explore more opportunities

We spare no efforts to continuously explore more opportunities for a bigger picture in China.