Official Opening of the Sichuan People’s Publishing House Editorial Office, London

On the afternoon of 29th March 2019, Sichuan People’s Publishing House Editorial Office, London, a joint venture between Lan-bridge Group and Sichuan People’s Publishing House, a subsidiary of Xinhua Winshare Publishing and Media Co., Ltd., was officially established.


The new London based Editorial Department will act as a bridge between Sichuan People’s Publishing House and the European publishing industry. With such close ties to Europe as well as the new UK base, Sichuan People’s Publishing House will use their position to gain a deeper understanding of the market trends, develop titles that appeal to European readers, and break through the copyright bottleneck of “kitchen at home but restaurant abroad” when going global.


The official launch of Sichuan People’s Publishing House Editorial Department in London is a bold step by Lan-bridge Group towards creating a “translation +” model in the publishing industry. Lan-bridge Group hopes to establish a seamless transition between topic selection, translation, copyright sales and distribution channels. Through its own language and overseas resources, Lan-bridge Group aims atcontributing the group’s own strength and experience to take Chinese culture global.