While China’s global economic impact is well established, its potential social and cultural influence has been significantly less explored. At Propolingo, we believe that for international readers to understand China, they must know the real China. 


Based in London and well connected in China, Propolingo is able to provide insights into the Chinese publishing industry for our international partners. With the mission of promoting cultural exchange between China and the West, Propolingo aims to also build the bridge between China and the West through the international publication of Chinese books. In addition to representing the translation rights for our Chinese publishing clients, we also promote this cultural exchange by establishing overseas editorial offices for our clients.


 Propolingo has already facilitated the opening of London based editorial offices for both China Democracy and Legal Publishing House, and Sichuan People’s Publishing House. Through these offices, Propolingo and our clients are able to bring outstanding Chinese cultural works and cutting-edge non-fiction content to readers around the world, as well as providing greater opportunities for copyright import and export and in-depth understanding of the UK and European publishing markets.

If you want to know more about how we can assist with establishing an overseas editorial office,please contact us.