Books are universally recognised as one of the most important methods of spreading knowledge and sharing culture. As such, books have always received the attention and support of governments and relevant organisations across the world. One important way to facilitate cultural exchange through books is to provide financial support to high quality titles to help facilitate their publication and distribution in international markets.


The Propolingo team are experts in application for and of various translation grants and funds in China and abroad. Not only do we work with publishers, authors and the funding bodies to successfully secure funds, we connect international publishing partners to release these outstanding titles in other langauges.

The Grants and Funding projects we are involved in include, but are not limited to, the following:

· Book Copyright Export Fund (China)
· Chinese Contemporary Works Translation Project
· National Publishing Fund Project (China)
· Classic Chinese International Publishing Project (China)
· Silk Road Book Incense Project (China)
· Chinese Academic Book Translation Project
· Chinese Book Promotion Program
· Chinese Culturally Influential Book Translation and Publishing Project
· Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism TEDA Project
· Japanese Translation and Publishing Support Program
· Korean Translation and Publishing Support Project

If you would like to know more about the Publishing Grants and Funding opportunities or cooperating with us, please contact us.